Saturday, April 21, 2012


   It's another exciting Saturday night here on the farm. I can barely keep my eyes open as I write this! I have had some long hours at work the last few days. One night you stay late, and the next morning you have to be there early. It's a little tiring, but I enjoy the work !

   I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I GET TO SLEEP LATE!!!! I plan on doing nothing more strenuous than lifting a coffee cup multiple times. Well, at least for in the morning. We've had some wierd weather this week also. The weatherman can't make up his mind whether it's going to rain or be nice out. But, regardless what he says, the opposite happens. No matter what you try to plan the weather seems to mess it up.

   My loving wife, "BIG MOMMA", went antiqueing today. She called me this afternoon to tell me she had bought me some old coffee cups I like. Then she made me jealous by telling me she was eating lunch out. Not really. I did harass her about eating all that good food without me. But I kind of left out the part about me getting some BAR-B-QUE sandwiches on the way home. HA HA! They sure were good!

   Now as my pillow screams for me to come and attack it I feverishly attempt to finish this love letter. I know, this may not sound like any kind of a love letter anyone has ever heard of, but it is. I write this out of a serious love affair I have with my life. For the things I have, and the things I dream of having and doing in the future.I know probably no one will understand this or even read this. I write because I love the way I live and hope to share this with others who maybe don't farm or hunt & fish. I always wanted to be one of those writers in FIELD & STREAM I used to read back in the early 70's. The one's who could tell a story with such vivid clarity you could smell the dirt they walked on, or color your dreams that night with the descriptions of the leaves as they fell.

   I was truly gratefull a few days back when a nice lady actually read one of my posts and made a comment!! It made my day!! After over a year of writing posts finally someone noticed.

   I am not a trained writer. I'm not a professional outdoorsman. The things I write about are only the true, day-to-day happenings here on the farm. They may seem boring to everyone else, but to me it harkens me back to happy childhood memories when a kid from town got to go play in the freshly plowed fields and wade in the shallow creeks on our new farm. Over the years every season takes me back to those memories. The family traditions of each season that I still continue today. Somedays I can provide stories and photos. Others just a note. But with all I hope someone can decipher the meanings of my ramblings.

   Hopefully I will entertain, but mainly I hope to make you think about a simplier time when everyone wasn't too busy to be nice to each other. When folks grew their own veggies and raised their own animals to feed their families. When Dads took their children hunting and fishing and camping. When neighbors used to go visiting each other just to catch-up with each other over coffee and donuts. When people sat in the shade on a hot evening to listen to their favorite sport's team on the RADIO because the pictures were better than on TV!!

   Please bare with me, it is a learning experience. Remember we are never too old to learn something new. I am learning right now it's time to go to bed. With Patsy Cline's SWEET DREAMS playing in my ears I will now bid you GOOD NIGHT.

   Till next time.

Jim Cobb Coleman..

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