Saturday, April 7, 2012


   I'm glad to report all 3 babies made it through their first night. Despite being a little wet from being born and temperatures down to the low 40's, they all seem to be doing fine. Before laying down last night I hooked up a heat lamp to help and keep their body temperatures regulated.

   Daisy Mae the momma is looking a little poor, so I put her on some extra feed to help and supplement her. She has her work cut out for her what with 3 babies and only 2 teats.

   We think they are all little girls. They don't seem to mind me handling them, but they don't like it when I turn them over to check them out. They bleat to beat the band and this makes momma nervous, so we'll wait a little while before we double check. So far so good.

   Jim Cobb.

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