Tuesday, April 17, 2012


   Have you ever wondered exactly how the weatherman knows it's going to rain? And what time of the day it's going to rain? When I stepped outside this morning, with my cup of Eight O' Clock coffee, there was a slight fog hanging in the morning air. All day I expected the clouds to roll in and the bottom to fall out, but except for a few breezes nothing happened.

   I wanted to plant some more in the garden but if it rained they would be washed away before they could have time to take root. So I didn't. The plants I have growing in the garden needed watering, but with the approaching rain I didn't want to waste the water. So I didn't. It was that kind of day.

   Because of the weather and a severe lazy streak, I wound up spending the day just piddlin around the farm. Doing a whole lot of nothing. I hoed a few weeds in the pea patch. Discussed the over population of wiggle worms with the chickens as they scratched out supper in the backyard. I made sure Daisy Mae was getting enough to eat and a little extra for good measure. I played freeze tag with Patch and Slash (the baby goats) as they ran up & down the stairs leading into the backyard. I tried to explain to Blue , my billy goat , why he wasn't getting the extra food Daisy Mae was, but he just stood on the stairs and snorted.

   Guess what? Before I knew it my day was gone.It was time for supper and as I looked up in the sky, the clouds began to blow in. The rain was finally here. I guess that old weatherman must know his stuff after all. Regardless of the weather, I hope you had a good day and will fair well.

Jim Cobb.

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