Saturday, April 28, 2012


   Having survived the night, I creaked my aching bones outside on the front porch with my best medicine in hand. A steaming cup of Eight O' Clock coffee. It'll get you started in the morning. As I eased out I noticed a chill in the morning air. A slight breeze sent me reeling back to memories of fall.

   My favorite time of the year for many reasons. All the holidays, great food, ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL!!!, beautiful foilage, and HUNTING SEASON!!! Around my neck of the woods we celebrate all of these. My family spends as much time as possible together relaxing and having fun during this time of year. Everyday is special when your with the ones you love. It doesn't have to be a holiday to make life special, it's the little everyday things that count. During the fall it just gets multiplied!

   With this chill in the air, I wish I was back 25 foot up a pine tree again. Impatiently waiting, hoping the good Lord will bless me and my family by sending a big buck or a fat doe by me so I can help feed my family with the best and most healthy meat on earth. Whether I see a deer or not, I am still blessed by having the opportunity to live and see what most people miss by sleeping in. A beautiful sunrise and the chance to watch the world come alive.

   Even if no deer come by, I usually see alot of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and every now and then I might see a fox or possum or a coyote. Just being in the woods is like medicine, it heals my soul. No matter how bad the outside world is, you can escape by just slipping away into the deep woods. I try to relive my ancestors lifestyles, and sneak into the woods as the Indians did. Stalking in, quitely. No sound but the pounding of my heart. Even though I'm not far from 300lbs I tip-toe in trying to make no more sound than a 60 pound doe. 100 yards takes 20 minutes to travel, but the birds never stop singing so I know I am not spooking them. I'm blending in, I'm one of them. No cause for alarm. I BELONG HERE, THIS IS MY HOME!!!

See ya this fall!

Jim Cobb Coleman.


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