Thursday, April 26, 2012


   It's amazing how fast you can burn up a day while you are at work. I mean I know it's still only 8 hours, or sometimes 9, 10 , or 11, but when it's over BOY AM I TIRED!!!  My feet and back feel like their going to fall off. First thing you know your in the recliner, the shoes are off,  and your outta there. Snoreville, U.S.A

   I meant to write. Honestly I did , but there just wasn't any time. So here I am running late, as usual. Anyway, I hope I'm starting to get the hang of my new job. It feels a little bit easier, but there is still alot to learn.

   "Big Momma" and I walked down to the garden this evening after I fed & watered the animals. Boy do I have alot of weeding to do!!! The plants look good, but they need to be watered. Hopefully I'll have ( or just make) some time to work in the garden this weekend. My heirloom white acorn squash is up in their cups and ready for transplanting. I also have a bunch of peppers and tomatoes to put in the ground as well.

   Everyone always talks about how pretty a farm looks, especially at sunset, but have you ever noticed how good a farm can smell? While I was checking my tomatoes growing in the field, my wife called me over to check out her rose bushes in full bloom. As I kicked around the rows trying to knock up some weeds I couldn't help but smell the musty odor of the soil I was trodding through. Near the new chicken pen area, the honeysuckle has taken over everything and boy don't it smell tasty. Right before we headed into the house, we sat down near the watering trough just long enough for me to catch both of the baby goats. We held them long enough to give them a hug and a friendly pat on the head and send them back to momma. Nothing smells like babies, even furry ones.

   Now I smell my pillows calling me!
   Good night everyone.

Jim Cobb.

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