Monday, October 15, 2012


   Saturday was opening day of muzzle loading season for deer. It was great to be back in the woods with my old smoke pole. I built a 50 caliber Hawken from a kit several years ago. I carved out the stock, and made all the parts fit. I drew a deer's head on one side of the butt stock and a jumping bass on the other side. I added a few turkey tracks and put my name on the stock.  I named the gun " Old Iron" and I burned all of this into the stock and stained it. Not a bad job even if I did do it.

   It's fun to try and go back in time and live, even if only for a little while like our ancestors did. I grew up reading about Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett now I can hunt like they did. Well sort of. They didn't have a portable deer stand to climb up a tree with, or a 4x4 four wheeler to haul them deep into the back woods.

   Saturday and Sunday found me in the woods way before daylight trying to get the drop on an unsuspecting deer suitable for my table. You see I love to hunt, but I feel like the mountain men of yesteryear when I go afield. I want the adventure, and a trophy. but I'm primarily trying to put aside enough meat to feed my family through the coming year. This is the only time I can do this, so it's also very serious business. Also I need to obey the game laws and try to trophy manage our deer herd as our hunting club wants us to do. That's alot to think about as a deer is walking or running by you in 3 to 10 seconds time.

   I saw a bunch of hogs and a few deer Saturday but I either couldn't get a shot or they were too little to shoot. On Sunday morning a nice 100 lb. doe walked up the ridge I was sitting on and offered me a good shot. My old 50 caliber barked loud and down she went. I loaded her up on the 4 wheeler and headed back to camp. My old 4 wheeler filled in for the pack mules of yesteryear the mountain men had. I was loaded down pretty good. Me, a 100 lb. deer, my deer stand, hunting gear and gun quite a load for a 24 year old bike to haul. It did a great job! We all got out fine.

   Today the real work of hunting begins. Yesterday I had to drag the deer out of the woods and put it on the 4 wheeler, take it to camp, skin and gut it. Today I must begin the process of butchering all the meat. In the next couple of days my little doe will become sliced tenderloins to wrap aroung jalipenos with bacon strips, butterflyed steaks, hamburger meat, cubed steaks, sausage, and deer jerky. Quite a lot from just one deer. We get the meat and the dogs get to gnaw the bones. Nothing is wasted.

   Soon I get to feast on the healthiest meat God ever made. Venison! Hopefully this will be the first of many deer this year. We need several to feed us till next year . If I can get lucky and get a few wild hogs as well, I believe we will have enough till next hunting season comes around again.


Jim Cobb Coleman.



Monday, October 8, 2012


   Look at all the pretty flowers growing all over my backyard. Their little vines are spreading out and taking over everything. They are almost as bad as kudzu. Soon I will get out there, weed eater in hand and take care of them, but not right now. It was a busy weekend as usual. Deer season is in and my Mom's birthday was Sunday. We stayed pretty busy.

   The local forester is running amuck on our hunting land. They are cutting and removing some 300 acres of woods. It has totally changed the lay of the land. If you had a deer stand on the property you had better marked it with orange flagging tape if you wanted it to not be destroyed by the heavy equipment working on the land. They don't slow down or worry about what they hit as some of our members found out the hard way.

   It was nice to get to the woods again after a week of "civilization". I needed the peace and quiet of the forest. I climbed into my deerstand twice this weekend and saw a few deer. All were in killing range but a good shot never presented itself. No matter, they will come back, and this weekend starts the muzzle loader season. Hopefully one will walk by this Saturday.

   Sunday was my Mom's 74th birthday. We came home from the woods and got Mom a ice cream cake, and picked up supper. When we went to put the candles on the cake we discovered we didn't have a number 4. So we wound up with 7 3 1. It stood for 7 & 3+ 1 = 4. After all as long as we're all together and love each other, it really doesn't matter what's on top of your cake or even if you have one or not.

   Happy Birthday Momma!

Jim Cobb Coleman.