Wednesday, April 11, 2012


   TRUCK DRIVER WANTED : Apply here. My Dad once told me if I ever went into the military to never volunteer if they asked for truck drivers. Now I understand why.

   I've been moving material all day from front yard to back, or to the garden, or down into the woods behind the garden. I've pretty much covered all 4 acres many times today. now if I could only hire someone to drive my big rear end in this truck back to the barn.

   Whew!! I need a rest.

Jim Cobb.


  1. Hey Jim, hope your first day at your new job went well! Your baby goats are adorable! Do you take them away from mom right away or do they stay with her for awhile? I'm just learning right now, no goats *yet*.

    1. Christine, sorry it took so long to reply. The last couple of days have been hectic. Thanks for commenting! I let my momma goat, Miss Daisy Mae, take care of them all by her self. The more they nurse the healthier they are. She'll back them off her when the time is right.