Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Whoops! What happened? Seems like it was just yesterday when I made
my last entry, and almost a whole year has gone by. I am truly sorry to
have been so tardy. I promise it won't happen again.

This blogging is very new to me and quite honestly, I got busy and
life got in my way. There were chickens to work with, gardens to plant,
hunting areas to work on, Holidays to plan and enjoy, deer to hunt, and
fish to catch and friends and family to be with. I got so envolved I plum forgot to write
it down.

I promise to write every day from now on, and include as many photos as possible.
My lack of computer skills has shown on this blog, but I will strive to improve
this venue for everyones enjoyment.

Thanks for baring with me while I learn how to do this. It's getting late so I better sign off.
I have to put Mr Jingles to bed, and I'll soon follow.
See ya'll tomorrow, BRIGHT EYED & BUSHYTAILED!!!

Jim Cobb Coleman