Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I learned yesterday that a boy I went to school with passed away Monday. It's been 30 years since we were together at school. We did not hang around together. We were not really friends. Sometimes we spoke, but most times we just passed each other by between classes.

So why do I even remember him? Because a couple of years before we graduated, we had an interaction together one day at school. He probably didn't remember it, but it's one I never forgot and now I never will.

This boy was in trouble. He had a serious problem, and I was able to help him out this time. I don't even remember if he ever said thank you or not. It didn't matter.

This boy was from a well-to-do family. I was from a normal middle class family. He had anything he wanted, while I had what I needed. I was never jealous of him because money never mattered to me. At the time, I never knew he had more money than we did. I never thought of things like that.

Years went by and I saw him again. He was doing great, I thought.He was set up with a high paying job in the family business. He married a pretty girl from school, had kids, a big house, everything anyone could want and plenty of money. But!! He didn't look happy.

In the paper today, it didn't list his wife as a survivor. They were taking him straight to the graveside. I heard it was said , let's just get through with this, by his family.

I don't know what happened in this boys life. I guess it is like "they" say, money can't buy you happiness. But money or no money, I can't imagine treating a Son like that. Like I said, we weren't really friends ,but he deserved better than that.

I heard he was hurting,... I hope he found peace.

Jim Cobb Coleman

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Once again those dangerous little cherubs are out in force taking aim at the buttocks of alot of you people. Be careful or they might harpoon you! If your lucky!

"Big Momma" took some time off work and we decided to have us a little date today. We went to town to the Broadway Theater to see a movie and get some overpriced popcorn. It's crazy when popcorn and a coke costs as much as your ticket to the show.

We liked the actor starring in the picture, but the movie was a let down. It could have been a good one but they rushed through it and made it very predictable. Nobody likes it when the hero dies, but that seems to be the going trend nowadays.

We went to a local restaurant after the show. The food was okay, but very overpriced and the service was poor. We couldn't even sit where we wanted to and the place was half empty. Like the old saying "if Momma ain't happy, nobody ain't happy". Well "Big Momma" wasn't happy!

It was no big deal, and life's too short to worry about stupid things. The main thing was we had fun just being together. I hope your day was good too! May your fanny still have a bullseye on it next year too!

Jim Cobb

Sunday, February 12, 2012


It says in the Bible, there is a time for everything. A time to live, and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to harvest. Everything in its season. Today I'm trying to start on my season of life and learning. Of planting a seed to reach a harvest later on.

We got up and went to Church this morning. A real old fashioned country Church. It is small, only around 15 people were there, but I really believe they were there for the right reason. Not to put on a show, or show off to each other what they have, but to try to help each other through life's journey.

It's the kind of Church I believe you could settle into and help people, and help yourself along the way. We have attended services there before but I think this time will be the start of a serious relationship. They were going to have a Valentines party tonight after the evening service. A supper and gathering with your Valentine and friends. We would have liked to attend tonight, but since we only found out about it today and this was our first time in Church this year we decided to wait for the next get together to attend.

I have alot to learn, and have gotten serious about trying to find the answers. My wife's Grandfather was a Baptist preacher, I really enjoyed talking to him when we were dating. We talked about everything except religion. I wished we had. Maybe he could have helped me understand some things. He passed away about a year after we got married.

This afternoon I burned some more of my garden off, and started tilling the soil under to get ready to plant next week. According to the old farmers you should plant your potatoes and onions and such around Valentines day. I hope we have a good garden this year. I plan on planting and working hard this year to grow enough food to feed my family.

This season I hope I'm planting the right seeds. I know it will take a lot of work. Hopefully we can struggle through the ups and downs of the season and in time have a good harvest.

See ya in Church!
Jim Cobb Coleman

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I helped an old friend and neighbor the last few days with some yard work, Mostly raking sweet gum balls out of her yard, and pruning some trees and shrubs. After working at her house it remind me of all I need to get busy doing at my farm.

Last week I burned off my garden and today I'm going to till it under. Next week I plan to plant my potatoes, onions, and maybe some radishes. I'm heading in the back yard after while to cut down some scrub brush thats taking over. Spring is just around the corner, I've already seen the bluebirds in front of the house.

The hot house will be going up this week. Not the big one that will be permanent, but a smaller one to get some tomatoes and peppers started early. I also will start on the hen house and pen. With some help from my sons I will start adding photos on this page of all the doings going on here on the farm and in the Bullfrog Bottom community.

So hang on, it's about to get busy. Come on and lets go play!

Jim Cobb Coleman