Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lazarus Time

     Hello! I'm truly sorry to have not posted anything in such a long time, but life happens. Sometimes it's hard to do things when your financially, and timely handicapped. The world, and more importantly my world has been constantly changing and in the shuffle.

     As I have stated in earlier posts, I'm an addict (family,hunting, fishing, farming) who hopes to never recover as long as I live. I unfortunately lost total track of time during the later part of deer season , Christmas holidays, and early Spring. My writing suffered. I truly missed it.

     My Dad's health has been complicated as well. Most times he is as normal as can be expected. At others he gets sicker, which requires more attention and takes a greater toll on my Mother , who is his primary caregiver. Both of my parents are in their 70's, and refuse to admit they are not still 17 and totally healthy. Every time I try to help I hear that I am too busy at my own house and they can handle everything. Just the other day, Less than a week from my Dad being released from his last stay in the hospital for another round of pneumonia, I arrived at their home to find my Dad outside, checking the oil on the lawn mower, so my 74 year old Mother could cut the grass!

     Another issue I have had was access to a computer. I had a laptop, but one of my sons needed it more than I did, so I gave him mine. Funny but when I needed to use it , it was not available most of the time. By the time I remembered to go back and use it , it was not available again. And time marched on. I could make a lot of flimsy excuses, but life just took over and time marched on.

     Now hopefully things have changed. Financially things are more stable and looking up! I have been getting up some supplies necessary for what I need to do. I have acquired my own laptop again, and a new smart phone, now if I can just learn to use them!

     I am in the process of changing careers once again. I have begun taking a 6 month class to become an EMT. The idea of learning about health, and information that could help us with my Father, and others later on , sounds good to me. I have never really enjoyed my work. I think I would like being able to help others. So far I already see I will be doing a lot of studying!!

     So, if anyone's out there listening, life still goes on here in Bullfrog Bottom. The season are a changing, and life goes on. Soon I will be in my garden sweating away for the table. It's time to go start  harvesting my firewood for next fall and winter. Fish are calling to me to be caught and invited to supper. Preseason deer hunting preparations need to be made . Livestock issues, and land development is also on our plate for the upcoming year.

     Please stay with us! Tell your friends. It will be a fun ride!

Jim Cobb Coleman