Wednesday, March 21, 2012


   It's been a busy day today.I stayed in the road the whole day. I went over to my Dad's this morning to try and get him to go to the Doctor's office. He has not been feeling good lately. But, Dad being Dad, wouldn't go. He said he was doing much better, but he was still coughing.

   While I was at Dad's I got a call from a job I checked on yesterday. They called me back to tell me to come pick up an application. I spent the next few hours filling it out and running all over town getting references to fill out forms for me so I could turn it in. A part of the job required a Dr. visit for myself, so I had to go get that taken care of so I would be ready if they call me back.

   I got all that done just in time to pick up "Big Momma" from work.We got home and I walked down to the garden to clear my head from the rush of the day. I always think clearer in the woods.I need this job. My family needs me to have this job. Maybe it will happen. I look around and see other things that need to happen in my life. There's flower pots that need to have seeds planted in them, and a bar-b-que grill that needs a wild hog slow cookin on it, and brush to be cleared so I can plant my corn & watermelons & peppers.

   We left shortly there after for Church tonight. I'm enjoying going back to Church. I'm trying to find the answers to the things in life I don't understand. Hopefully I'll find the time to do all the things I need to do, and there will be better things to come.

Jim Cobb Coleman.

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