Monday, March 19, 2012


I was just on Facebook and someone posted a short speech from Paul Harvey that got me thinking. Not only was Paul dead on his topic, but it reminded me how much I miss him on the radio every day. The world was a little bit nicer because he was there. A little more friendlier. A little closer to home.

It also reminded me what else I miss, hang on, here they come.

I miss: Jerry Clower- He could make you belly laugh and always stay clean. A lost talent these days.
         : Roy Rogers & Trigger- Every Saturday morning, laying on the floor in front of the TV.
         : John Wayne- A man's man. Cowboy or not he was John Wayne in every picture you saw, and you knew where you stood with him every time.
         : Coach Paul "BEAR" Bryant- Now there was a Coach!
         : Shelling peas in the summer time, seating on the front screened- in porch, talking with family.
         : Family Bar-B-Que's when the whole family gathered and helped cook and visited while they did it, sitting up all night long to cook a hog.
         : Stores closing on Sundays.There is nothing we need so bad, we can't get on Saturday or wait till Monday for.
         : People with manners.
         : People who care. About anyone or anything other than themselves.
         : People who were friendly.
         : Neighbors you could talk to.
         :Workers who took pride in their work.
         :Government Officials who represent us.
         :America! The one I grew up in when life had hope.

I know I must sound like a grumpy old man, but I'm not. I just miss all the things that made life seem normal, and happy. I miss.... I hope!!!

Jim Cobb Coleman  

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