Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today was just an average day around the farm, nothing special. This morning I took "Big Momma" to work and I came home and enjoyed some good ol Eight O'Clock coffee while I sat out some Roma & Black Cherry Tomatoes in cups.

I turned on the sprinkler for the potatoes and peas in the garden. While I was moving the sprinkler around I bogged up over the tops of my boot tops in the newly tilled up soil. Yesterday evening I added 3 rows of heirloom okra. Some of the seeds produce green okra and some is crimson, but it all comes from the same plant.

I have a big mean-looking billy goat named BLUE. He's called BLUE because he's about every color there is except blue. He's not really mean, in fact he is very timid around us. He was grown when we got him and very skiddish. I had to rope him in order to put his collar & bell on him. Since then he won't even let me get close to him. But, he is slowly starting to come around. The other night he forgot for a few moments and actually walked right up to me and started feeding in front of me.

Not much excitement, but still a fun day.

Jim Cobb.

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