Tuesday, June 12, 2012


   Look what I found in the garden. A few days of on again , off again showers brought a nice little bounty. Everything is looking good and bloomin to beat the band. The only problem is the deer are destroying my peas and beans.

   I tied plastic bags to the fences and trees at the edge of the garden to whip in the wind and scare the deer away. It ain't working! Deer tracks are all over the garden.The butter beans I was waiting to fill out are gone.We only had a small handfull of black eyed peas.

   If something doesn't change we may have to buy peas this year.

   The good news is there's still plenty of other crops still on the vine. Roma tomatoes, banana peppers, okra, white acorn squash, and mortgage lifter heirloom tomatoes.

    Stay hungry my friends!!!!

Jim Cobb.

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