Wednesday, June 6, 2012


   This ain't Mayberry, and this ain't a grape Nehi. But do you remember both? Wasn't it a better time of life when we did? I didn't realize how much I missed grape nehi's until they mentioned them on an episode of the Andy Griffith show the other day on tv. It was a moment back in time when the Mayberry crowd slipped down to Wally's Fillin Station for a grape nehi.

   I grew up watching that show. Still do. I grew up drinking those nehi's, but now I can't find any. I guess they must have went out of business. I was talking to a lady down at Hubbard's Grocery Store the other day about them and she told me about Grapico soft drinks. She said they tasted just like grape nehi's. SHE WAS RIGHT!!!

I am proud to say I have consumed a large quantity of them since our conversation. Who says you can never come home again? Well at least for a little while anyway. Thank's Andy! See you all down at Wally's.

Jim Cobb.


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