Monday, June 11, 2012



   "BIG MOMMA" and I went down to the hunting club for a few days this weekend to relax and for me to clear some brush out from around the deerstands for next season. My camper (as you can see) is an older model. It's about 30 feet long. It has 3 beds that I can sleep in. A full kitchen, full bath, an AC unit that will make you grab blankets at night, and a radio and tv. I paid 500 dollars for it just to have a place to speed the night out of the weather.

   Somewhere during the weekend I had a chance to think about it. We were forced to spend a pretty good amount of time indoors because of a major rain front moving in on us. Matter of fact it's still raining today! I asked my wife why I was so stupid? About an hour later I was able to interrupt her long enough to ask my question. Why in the world was I and a lot of others out there, working our lives away to pay for a 150,000 dollar or more house when we can live happily with less?

   I know my winter home is not anything fancy but it works. During the daytime I'm mostly outside anyway, so who cares how big it is? Just like my house, when I'm home I'm mainly in the kitchen, the den, or in the bed. It really makes you think about the log cabin days when people lived in one, two, or three room homes and lived fine.

   It seems the smarter we get as a society, the stupider we become as people. As the old country folks say "DON'T GET ABOVE YOUR RAISINGS". Most times I find more is less. You may have more fancy toys to keep up with the "JONESES", but your gonna have less time to enjoy them and your life because your gonna have to work twice as hard and long to pay for them!


Jim Cobb.

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