Sunday, July 8, 2012


   One- If you go out to your worm bed and rake back all those leaves that have accumulated on your back two acre hardwood bottom since last year, you'll find a good supply of big , fat , juicy wigglers!


   One- If you collect all those big , fat , juicy wigglers and throw them into an old tin can, you can take them and try to make a big ole fish bite tomorrow ( he said Saturday evening ).


   This is my Dad . Two weeks after getting out of the hospital from having pneumonia. He's 77 years young! He was so excited about going fishing today he got up at 12:00am this morning ready to go. He caught 3 bass averaging around 2 &1/2 lbs a piece.  What a way to spend the morning!

   "Big Momma" got in on the action too! She tore up some big ole bluegills on those big old wiggle worms we raked up last night. Sure, we could have bought them at the bait store, but we saved 2 to 4 dollars by getting them ourselves. Those worms, used properly, brought us home 5 big bluegills and 3 largemouth bass. I came home this morning and cleaned and put up around 8 lbs of fish in our freezer for us to eat later.

   Since this is DAY 2 of my experiment let me say that even though it was just a fishing trip, it still worked out as a way to save money and fend for yourself. By going fisshing with home raised bait, I didn't have to spend any money. By catching and cleaning my fish, I put food up to feed my family later on down the road. Not to mention the fun we all had spending time together as a family!

   Take a kid fishing, maybe they'll get hooked for life!

   Jim Cobb Coleman.

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