Wednesday, July 11, 2012


   Yesterday I didn't get a chance to write a post for this blog. Please excuse me. I had to take the day to spend some time with my family. My Dad had a couple of  Dr. appointments to go to. He's not able to drive anymore and he is very weak on his feet. So I got to go and play chauffer and help where I could.

   It was nice to get to drive Dad's Crown Vic. Although , for it to be a big car it sure is hard for a big old boy like me to fold up and try and get under the wheel. NO LEG ROOM! In between Dr. appointments we stopped at a local store so Mom could do some grocery shopping. While she shopped, me and Dad grabbed a seat and a frosty root beer and talked awhile. He couldn't relax for fear that Mom was spending too much money! Some things never change.

   Everything went well at the Dr.'s offices. By the time we got home, they were wore out. I heard this morning that they got a good night 's sleep. If Mom can get Dad to stay up a little later at night I believe he will be able to sleep all night long, and she will be able to get a full night's rest as well.

   On a different vein, it's day 5 of my year long experiment. It takes alot of money too survive these days. It's a never ending struggle just to make it from day to day. I am doing as much as I can, and researching new ways to make more daily, but days like yesterday make you stop and realize what's most important. Right now making money is not important.

   Family is.

Jim Cobb.  

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