Sunday, May 27, 2012


    I miss a few days of working in the garden, because of my day job and my son graduating high school, and the kids try and take over the place. I mean can you imagine! A couple of days off and you walk down to the garden and catch the goats trying to hot wire the tractor and go for a joy ride.

    Well here it is May and it's feeling like July. The temps are already in the 90's. You can step over a few feet into the shade and feel a 20 degree difference in temp. Even Miss Daisy Mae the goat has been hitting the corporate water cooler alot more often.

   My peas are growing and will soon be ready to pick. The yellow squash are producing very well. I've already gotten about 4 good messes. The white acorn squash should start making in a few days. The pepper is blooming and we are ready for some hot stuff. A few tomatoes are on the vine, and when they get a little bigger, I'm gonna have some fried green tomatoes!!!

   Stay dirty my friends!

Jim Cobb Coleman.

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