Wednesday, May 30, 2012


   Have you ever been jealous? It's not a good thing to be. I even know it says in the Bible you should not be. I realized the other day how jealous I was of someone else. Not really jealous of them, but of the way they live and what they have achieved. By that I don't mean their possesions, just how they were able to get where they wanted to be.

   I was talking to my wife, "BIG MOMMA", fussing about how no matter how hard I work I never seem to be able to get to where I want to be in life. Everyone else does so very little and every thing they want seems to fall into their laps from heaven. Why do I have to struggle so. What have I done to make God so againist me that I can never get a break? " BIG MOMMA" told me the person I was speaking of had found the secret to their success. They had found something they loved to do and had found a way to make a living doing it. Everything they did was designed to get them to their main goal. Before they got to their main goal, they had little goals that incrementally took them where they needed to go.

   That's when it hit me, how right she was and how stupid I have been. Unintentially, I have wasted alot of time keeping me from being where I want to be. No more! Today is going to be a day of rest and planning. A time to sit down and set new short and long term goals. I am not really jealous of my friend I spoke of earlier. I'm proud of them and proud for them that they worked hard and have achieved their dreams. I am just ready to reach some of my dreams.

   From now on everything I do from this point on will be one fluid movement toward a single destination. My main goal , my dream , my fantasy is , was , and will always be to be able to live my life the way I believe God intended us to. Farming for the table, raising your own livestock, hunting and fishing to feed your family, and being able to spend time with your family not working so many hours a day at a office job that you don't really have a life. Time is fast passing us by. My baby boy "PUMPKIN HEAD" just graduated  from Bullfrog Bottom High School last week, my parents are in their mid-70's, time is precious. Too soon life spins by us.It's past time to slow down, settle in and aim small at the main target of life.

   Let's trim the fat and get cookin!!!

Jim Cobb Coleman.

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