Thursday, May 31, 2012


   Early this morning I went down to my garden to water my crops. I brought a good old cup of Eight O'Clock coffee with me to enjoy while I sprayed the garden with the hose pipe. While I stood there sipping my coffee, I glanced over at my black eyed peas. Two days ago I noticed I had peas on the vines that were almost ready to pick. My wife and I had planned on picking them in a day or so and having them with some rice and chicken.

   But as I looked at them expecting to see fat bulging peas ready to pick, instead they were gone! The pea stems looked liked someone went through there with a pair of scissors and cut off all the peas. Closer investigation revealed DEER TRACKS in the middle of the pea rows. I couldn't believe it. I was infuriated! How dare they! Those were my peas. A minute later I noticed a cucumber laying on the ground near the trelis they run up on. I thought it must have gotten too heavy to stay on the vine and simply fell off. WRONG!!! Some deer ate half of my pickle!!! SEE ABOVE PHOTO FOR THE EVIDENCE!!

   This means war!!! I normally only hunt them during deer season, but if they are going to go after my food source I feed my family with it's on!!

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