Saturday, May 19, 2012


   Yesterday morning I eased down to the garden before I had to take "Big Momma" to work. Everything looked good, except I need to hoe the weeds, as usual. I was able to pick two bags full of squash. One is for us and I'm going to take Mom and Dad a sack full. I love a plate of thin sliced fried squash.

   I have been working a lot of hours on my day job. I know I have not been posting very much here lately, but I hate to only write about every day work. This morning I sat down and figured us out a monthly and yearly budget. I hope to never get caught on the short end of the financial stick again. My goal is to put us into a position where we can live our lives as we have dreamed of . For now this will require an off farm job. But, things can change quickly. Money, as always, is the key.

   I figure you have to get a good financial foundation in order to build the life you dream of. This is my cornerstone.

   I dropped my annual hunting club dues check in the mail today. It is unreal what it costs just to be allowed to have a place to go to the woods and try to hunt. I plan to go down to the club tomorrow and do some clean up work around my camper. The weeds have grown up around chest high all around my hunting stands. If I want to hunt there this coming year I have a lot of weedeating to do this summer. Hopefully I'll have some good photos in the next few days.

   See ya in the fields!

   Jim Cobb Coleman.


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  2. Thanks for commenting darkheart, please stop by and visit with us again sometime. It is a work in progress, I'm learning as I go, but that's life.If you'd like please join our site, and tell all your friends to check us out. It will only get busier as the season progresses. See ya later.

    Jim Cobb.