Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Announcing the initial offering of membership for the Southern Gentleman's Social Club. A club for people who appreciate and celebrate the true old timey Southern traditions and lifestyle. It was founded when a buddy of mine and I realized the way of life we grew up with would soon die off if someone didn't make sure it was passed on to others.

   We celebrate the true Southern values God , family ,and country. We'll take you to local festivals, BAR-B-QUE cookoffs , music festivals, and Church socials. Little league ball games, local parades, fishing tournaments, we will share recipes, wedding and birth announcments, and obituaries. When time and schedules permit we'll gather around a camp fire and enjoy some good music,  food , and  beverages.

   Members will recieve a monthly newsletter with updates of coming events , photos and stories of last months events , stories of the true southern lifestle , and member news ( we want to know what's going on in your life too!) . You'll get a cool members card and a decal you can put on your truck and make your Yankee neighbors jealous!!! Just kiddin! We welcome everybody.

   Membership is $15 bucks for a year. We're gonna mail out the newsletter so you'll actually recieve it by snail mail. That way you can save it and enjoy it all year long. Anyone interested can E-mail me at we'll get you the rest of the info there.

   Hope to see ya around the campfire there!

Jim Cobb Coleman.


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