Monday, March 14, 2011


Howdy folks! Welcome to BULLFROGBOTTOM, my version Heaven here on Earth. We move slow here,we've actually been passed by turtles a few times. Here, we try to live like our ancestors did in L.A.(lower Alabama). I grew up living a normal Southern-country lifestyle, but today that's just about all gone.
            It's still there, you just have to look real hard to find it. We'll plant our gardens and try to keep the deer and rabbits off of it,raise our chickens, hogs, and goats for the table. Gather firewood , build hothouses, henhouses, woodsheds, and barns. We'll visit craft shows, Native American Pow Wows, Mountain Man Rendevous, nurseries, and hunting camps.
           I'll try to pass on tasty down home country recipes,gardening tips, funny stories of real life, and an occasional spooky Southern legend. I'll take you fishing, frog giggin, and I might show you some ugly old gators. We can chase wild hawgs and other game and take it from the woods to the table.
           Come evening time we can start a campfire,pull the cork out of the jug, and search for all the answers between the cup and the embers. Pull up a stump and come join me. If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise I'll see ya'll here tomorrow.
                                          Jim Cobb Coleman

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