Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  This morning "Big Momma" had a Dr's appointment,so I got to play chauffeur. Nothings wrong, its just a regular checkup. After the appointment, we grabbed some lunch and I took her to work. Since I brought her to work I'd have to pick her up and take her home this evening. Since I had some time to kill in between I went by and checked in on my Mom and Dad . They were fussing a little with each other so I knew they were doing fine.
  My next stop was at the County Extension Office. I am a Master Gardener through them and I needed some info. I own some goats and I've been wanting to improve and expand my herd. I would like to get into dairy/meat goats instead of the brush cutters I have.
  After saying HOWDY with old friends, I got what I came for. A copy of the Alabama Meat Goat & Sheep Producers Small Ruminant Pocket Guide, and some important phone numbers for other offices and people who might could point me in the right direction.
  Since I'm a poor country farmer I might be eligible for a grant that could help me start my goat operation. They have such programs in other counties, why not mine? It's worth looking into , besides the worst that could happen is they tell me no. I haven't had much luck finding a job lately, maybe I could wind up working for myself on the farm. That would be heaven! Finally a job I could love.

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