Thursday, March 24, 2011


  We are down one vehicle today. I think the fuel pump on our little pickup truck is going out, so I'll have double duty today. I've got to carry one to school and one to work.
  I ran some errands and swung by Mom and Dad's. Mom had some presents for me. My Grandmother's butter churn, a metal water dipper, and an old Peach snuff can. The churn I know is over 100 years old. It's great to have some of my families heirlooms. My Grandma had 8 children so I never had much that was hers.
  Now when I see or use the old churn it will help me remember Grandma. We use to go fishing when I was a little boy. She loved going catfishing. She loved her family, and she loved her snuff. She made the best chicken and dumplins you ever tasted!!  If you didn't think so, just ask her she'd tell you so!!!
  I miss Ma.

   Jim Cobb

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