Tuesday, March 15, 2011


   A small, hard storm system blew through this morning. We had a soft steady rain, and then 5 or 10 minutes of frog strangling rain and hard wind. This went on from 5:30 am until around 11 o'clock. Then, as fast as it came it was over.
  My youngest son "Pumpkin Head" is off this week for spring break. He is a junior at Bullfrog Bottom High School. "Pumpkin Head" is 16 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall, and around 240 lbs. I call him this because of his thick curly red hair. Any way, we rode in to town today to get our ears lowered. Both of us are about as shaggy as a sheepdog.
  We swung by Hubbards Grocery Store to pick up some coffee beans. Tonight I will get to try out my NEW 39 year old coffee grinder. I picked it up at a second hand store for $9.00. I know its 39 because it was given as a goodbye gift in 1972 in Danville, Il.. This info along with the givers and recievers names are burned into the bottom and sides of the grinder. Is that cool or what? Its old, but solid. No nails, joints. It's solid enough to go another 39 years.
  This afternoon I grabbed my chainsaw and cut down a portion of brush and limbs from behind the house. About the time I was getting tired of cutting, "Big Momma" (my sweet little wife-all 5foot 100lbs of her) came home. Now it's chick time! This past weekend we picked up 6 Rhode Island Red and 6 Black Sex Link chicks to replace my old ones that had laid out.
  Out in the yard they can scratch, and peck, and flap their wings, and chase each other around. My baby and I relax a while sitting on the front porch watching the little babies play and the sun go down.

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