Monday, March 21, 2011


  One child had to work, one stayed home. "Big Momma" wanted to go to the hunting club to see what the property looked like. The foresters are select cutting our 2,500 acre land lease. So away we go! We spent the day checking in on the boys, riding over the property, and visiting with my cousin "Hawkeye".
  We took our Boston Terrier "Mr. Jingles" with us so he could enjoy running around camp. Late Saturday evening, we grilled hamburgers, pork chops, and corn on the cobb wrapped in foil with onions and peppers. "Big Momma" fixed Spainish rice with buttered garlic bread for supper.
  It was a late night, but worth the trip. I miss the woods after hunting season is over. It was nice to be back. The moon was supposed to be the largest full moon it has been in 18 years. But somehow it paled in its beauty next to "Big Momma" standing next to the grill.

P.S.- Please bare with me a lot of photos are coming as soon as this ole boy can learn from his Sons how to post them.
        Jim Cobb Coleman

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