Thursday, February 9, 2012


I helped an old friend and neighbor the last few days with some yard work, Mostly raking sweet gum balls out of her yard, and pruning some trees and shrubs. After working at her house it remind me of all I need to get busy doing at my farm.

Last week I burned off my garden and today I'm going to till it under. Next week I plan to plant my potatoes, onions, and maybe some radishes. I'm heading in the back yard after while to cut down some scrub brush thats taking over. Spring is just around the corner, I've already seen the bluebirds in front of the house.

The hot house will be going up this week. Not the big one that will be permanent, but a smaller one to get some tomatoes and peppers started early. I also will start on the hen house and pen. With some help from my sons I will start adding photos on this page of all the doings going on here on the farm and in the Bullfrog Bottom community.

So hang on, it's about to get busy. Come on and lets go play!

Jim Cobb Coleman

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