Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Once again those dangerous little cherubs are out in force taking aim at the buttocks of alot of you people. Be careful or they might harpoon you! If your lucky!

"Big Momma" took some time off work and we decided to have us a little date today. We went to town to the Broadway Theater to see a movie and get some overpriced popcorn. It's crazy when popcorn and a coke costs as much as your ticket to the show.

We liked the actor starring in the picture, but the movie was a let down. It could have been a good one but they rushed through it and made it very predictable. Nobody likes it when the hero dies, but that seems to be the going trend nowadays.

We went to a local restaurant after the show. The food was okay, but very overpriced and the service was poor. We couldn't even sit where we wanted to and the place was half empty. Like the old saying "if Momma ain't happy, nobody ain't happy". Well "Big Momma" wasn't happy!

It was no big deal, and life's too short to worry about stupid things. The main thing was we had fun just being together. I hope your day was good too! May your fanny still have a bullseye on it next year too!

Jim Cobb

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