Thursday, December 5, 2013


     It's a dreary day here in Bullfrog Bottom. We've had a slight drizzle going on for a few days now. The fog is hanging low like a scene from an old time horror movie. I eased down into the back 40 to check my game camera for sign of deer crossing through my property.

     It is very muggy out, hard to believe it's December. Nothing is moving out but a few squirrels who jump from tree to tree overhead as I ease through the bottom, drenching me with raindrops . After retrieving my camera I headed back to the house to see what I have on camera and get another cup of coffee. A group of does are easing through during the middle of the day eating the last of my white oak acorns from my trees.

     First dry day I have time I'll try to go sit in the stand and see what happens. In a few hours I am going to take my Mother to her Dr's appointment. Tonight we will work on decorating for Christmas some more , hopefully we'll get through by this weekend.

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