Tuesday, September 18, 2012


   With this big storm front crawling across the country right now I'm looking for a change. Mainly a change in the weather. I'm really tired of hot weather. I'm tired of sweating all day, every day.

   They say after the rain a cold front will pass down on us and begin to cool us off. It's about time. September is over half way gone, we need some relief. I need October, bad! I need to smell smoke drifting slowly out my chimney from the oak wood burning inside. I need to see the orange glow of the flames and our Boston terrier sleeping in his bed in front of the hearth.

   After a long timeof working there seems to be no response at all, as usual. Do I continue? Do I stop? Sometimes I wonder what's the point? Like everything else I touch , It seems like it is a waste of time if no one ever notices.

   I wish things would change.

Jim Cobb.

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