Friday, September 7, 2012


   The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. So now I wonder.

   I wonder if summer will ever end ? It's September now in dixie, and the temps are still in the 90's, and boy is it humid. I wonder if soon fall will kick in and finally cool us off ? The leaves are slowly starting to turn yellow, but I'm ready for orange and reds.

   I wonder if deer season will be productive this year? Last year was a blessing, I never saw so many deer before. Hopefully this year will be better. My family needs as much meat as I can harvest to feed us next year.

   I wonder if life is moving too fast ? My son's have grown up over night it seems, they act like they no longer need the old man anymore. When just the other day I was the one they couldn't wait to run to and jump into my arms. My sweetheart doesn't act as sweet as she used to, there again there was a time I thought I warmed a heart where now it seems one grows colder each day. Dads doing well, but I fear tomorrow when the day may come when he no longer knows me by heart.

   I wonder am I growing older and colder myself, or do I just think too much ? I don't like change! Too much has changed in the last several years and not for the better. Friends and family are gone and life won't be the same without them.

   I need to slip back in time. Back to when the world was right. Back to when I was 22. 22 was a very good year. I was free to live, life was steady and secure. All the people you knew and loved were still right next door, or just a phone call away. You could see the light bounce in their eyes when you saw them and hear the love in their voices when you talked to them on the phone. Life was a joy then.

   I wonder what happened to all of us since then and how do you ever get back there? Can you ever get back that feeling of 22?

   I wonder....?

Jim Cobb.

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