Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   This past Labor Day weekend was great! All except for the fact that my boys had to work, and they couldn't be with us. Our air conditioner at home is down and we are currently waiting for the repair man to find time in his busy schedule to come and fix it. If he doesn't come by tomorrow, I'm going to go buy a window unit or 2 and forget about him. Early Saturday morning we loaded up the truck and trailer, and headed down to the hunting club for the weekend.

   Our weather is still very hot and extremely muggy. You become soaking wet with sweat by just going to the mailbox. Needless to say we enjoyed the AC in the truck on the way down. It has been a long hot week. By the time we got down and unloaded the supplies, food, ice chests, and 4 wheeler, we were pretty hot and tired.

   The good thing is that my AC in the camper works GREAT! We cooled off, took a couple of showers, and put on our Alabama game shirts and got ready to watch some football. We watched stacked games on tv. Two tv's sitting on top of each other, we watched the Bama and Auburn games at the same time with my cousin "Hawkeye".  Like I said , it was a great weekend, Bama won, Auburn lost, we stayed cool and got some rest.

   I also got to do some work around my deerstands. I marked the new trail leading into the stands, and macheted my way through the woods to open up the trail. I took my chain saw and removed a few trees to open up some shooting lanes.The woods are getting ready for Autumn. You can see it and feel it in the air, early in the morning and late in the evening. It's coming, it's just taking it's own sweet time.Some leaves are falling already, and some are just beginning to turn yellow.

   Late in the afternoon we fired up the grills and cooked us some delicious protein. A Boston butt was slow roasted on the grill, along with a stack of hamburgers and some boneless chicken. Tacos were prepared in the camper . We may not have everything we need in camp, but we always eat good.

   "Big Mama" needed the AC most of all this weekend, you see she is borderline asmatic, so she did alot of catching up on her chick-flicks while I was rambling around the woods on the 4-wheeler. At night we enjoyed a camp fire to help and try to run off the mosquitos that were trying to tote off the small children in camp.

   All in all we had a great time.One of our neighbors near the club was rolling up hay in his pasture. It reminded me of all the great times coming up from here on till the end of the year. Archery season opens next Saturday, college football is wide open now, soon mums, pumpkins, and hay bales will take over my front porch, and all the friends, family, and holidays we've been looking forward to seeing will be here.

Hang on, it gets rowdy from this point on!

I hope you get to enjoy it as much as I plan to.

   Jim Cobb Coleman.


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